3 Ways You Could Be Spooking Away Sales Leads

3 Ways You're Spooking B2B Sales Leads Away

Are you making these 3 mistakes with your sales leads and unintentionally scaring them off? Don’t allow this to mess up meeting your Sales Goals!

Have you or someone you know ever pulled one of these scary moves?

Here’s our take on the top 3 ways you could be spooking away sales leads.

You’re Ghosting Them

You called a couple times, emailed, linkedin messaged, and essentially everything BUT show up on their doorstep like the Ghost of Christmas Present. But you never heard back. Or maybe the last few emails you’ve sent haven’t yielded the immediate results you were hoping for.

Or maybe they said they were interested originally, but when they started dragging their feet, you quit actively following up with them, figuring they’d come back when they were ready.

Time to give up, right? Wrong!

Don’t disappear, and DON’T ghost them!

Now is the time for some serious Lead Nurturing work. You need to appear consistent and reliable so that your leads know what to expect from you should they become a client.

You must contact your buyers a minimum of seven times in an 18-month period for them to remember you” according to Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s ‘Rule of Seven’.

Stay in front of them by reaching out for a friendly check in at least once a week, and by putting them on an automated lead nurture drip campaign. Stop disappearing mysteriously on Sales Leads and you might just see your hard work paying off…

You’re pulling a total “Vamp” move

Sales Vampires scare away prospects by taking and giving nothing in return

We’ve all been on a call ourselves with a salesperson who just didn’t. Get. The. Hint.

We sit there on the phone, as they drone on and on about something that we stopped listening to 4 minutes ago, sucking up our time with what we consider to be useless information.

The only listening being done at this point is for that brief moment when he takes a breath so we can interject and hang up the phone. If we haven’t done so already….

He’s sucking up our time, and as far as we can tell, not providing ANY value.

How do you avoid being a sales vampire?

Empathy. Don’t start with the Sales Pitch. Ask questions first. Learn about the prospects themselves first. Who are they? What are their values? How does that affect their sales decisions? What is their buying process usually like. If you listen, and show empathy, by doing the appropriate Discovery and finding out their pain point and “problem” at the beginning of the call, you’ll be ready to sell a product or service to someone who WANTS an answer to their problem and is primed to listen to YOU now.

Prospects love nothing more than an empathetic salesperson who values and respects their time. Always ask if it’s a good time, and if you get a yes, try to ascertain their needs first and from there you can slowly move them further into your lair….err sales funnel.

And please, for the love of Transylvania, don’t bleed them dry. If it’s not the right fit, gracefully let it go…And move on to the next victim…. err prospect.

You’re Burying Them Alive

Don’t bury your sales leads!

Two words. Information. Overload. We know you meant well, but did your newest sales lead really need to hear that 15 minute aggressive sales pitch?According to a recent study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. Only 8 Seconds! There is such a thing as too much information. It’s been proven time and time again.

Stop Suffucating Sales Leads

So BREATHE. Let THEM breathe-and stop suffocating them with information overload. Keep it short, keep it sweet. Try to listen more than you speak. There’s a new sales jingle for you! You’re welcome.

We want to know, which of these 3 horrors is the worst Sales Faux Pas? Let us know in the comments below!

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