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Add New Fields to the Opportunities Page

Add New Fields to Sales Opportunity Page in SalesNexus CRM

Want to add new fields to SalesNexus for the Sales Opportunity Page? First, you’ll add the fields to SalesNexus, as shown in Step 1, and then you’ll add them to your Sales Opportunity Layout as shown in Step 2. Read on for details. Step 1 Go to the “X” menu > System Settings > Create … Continue reading

4 Steps To Market Domination: Step 1

Recipe for Disaster - DIY CRM Setup

Is your sales process disorganization holding you back and preventing you from reaching your goals? The reason most sales teams lack consistent process is that they can’t get everyone on the same page, following the same process. New software will not fix that problem by itself. Of course, providing automation and making life easier can … Continue reading

Easily Edit Info on Lookups and View All Contacts Screen

Edit Any Field In A Contact List Or Lookup

Applies to:  R4 Version Edit Information on Lookups and View All Contacts Screen by simply Clicking & Holding on any Field To do this, follow below: Click on the Field you want to edit, and hold for 5 Seconds NOTE:  To reduce the amount of time required to “hold” the click, go to X > My … Continue reading

3 Ways You Could Be Spooking Away Sales Leads

3 Ways You're Spooking B2B Sales Leads Away

Are you making these 3 mistakes with your sales leads and unintentionally scaring them off? Don’t allow this to mess up meeting your Sales Goals! Have you or someone you know ever pulled one of these scary moves? Here’s our take on the top 3 ways you could be spooking away sales leads. You’re Ghosting … Continue reading

Logging Calls In SalesNexus

Logging a Call In SalesNexus

There Are Two Ways to Log a Call in SalesNexus.  First Way: 1. Navigate to “Tasks” in the menu at the top of your screen, and click” Log a Call” to fill out the details of the call along with related follow ups. 2. Next, fill out the information gained from the call, with the … Continue reading

How to Target, Connect, & Convert Sales Leads

Recently, Doug Morneau of the Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast sat down in the studio with Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus to discuss the two main challenges that slow growth for Small and Medium Sized Businesses. Number one, potential customers just don’t know that they even exist. Number two, salespeople are investing too much time … Continue reading

4 Steps to Market Domination Guide

Organize Your Sales & Marketing Processes Today!

Does your business rely on good old-fashioned salespeople to bring on new customers? Then there’s a hidden monster eating up your resources, costing you customers and slowing your growth. The hidden monster has a name. It’s called disorganization, and it has its claws in your organization. That’s why we’ve developed a four-step process to Sales … Continue reading

Craig Klein Interviewed by Nathan Latka

I recently had the opportunity to appear and interview with Nathan Latka, the Founder of Heyo. In the video, Nathan and I recapped the launch and growth story of SalesNexus in 2003 using real data to inspire other small to medium sized businesses that are looking to increase their market share, customer lifetime, and overall lead generation. … Continue reading

The Secret To Meeting Your 2019 Sales Goals

Good job! You’ve made it through the first leg of January. You’ve been given sales goals and you are doing all that you can to reach them. You may be starting to feel as if you won’t reach them or you are starting to get behind. You may even find yourself in a slump where … Continue reading