Email Marketing Workshop Video Released

If you missed our Email Marketing Workshop/Webinar last week, you missed out on some priceless tips.  Steven Greene treated us to several gems of wisdom that can make the difference between email campaigns that generate sales and hours of frustration!


A few facts Steve shared:

Email delivers approximately $50.00 in revenue for each dollar spent.

All other media deliver $9.00 for each dollar spent.

In today’s environment, this piece of your sales process is NOT optional!


Take a look and see how to do it automatically and affordably…


A recording of the webinar is available below.
We made an incredible offer to all webinar attendees!  Watch the webinar to see how Mike and Parson Environmental are leveraging email marketing to grow sales and learn about our Email Marketing Campaign Creation Offer.


Through August 31, you can take advantage of this incredible value too!

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