Embrace the Rapid Growth of Video in Email?

Videos have invaded everything from the ALS ice bucket challenge taking over Facebook to the evening news posting cute animal videos. In YouTube alone, more than 6 billion hours of video are watched every month.


With video, your message takes on a personality and entertains in a way text-only emails can never achieve. You want to stop boring your attention deficit readers and embrace the video movement. However, the debate rages on about how to best include video as part of the email marketing mix.


 GIFs and Video Perform Differently


A few video frames shown as a GIF offer added interest and intrigue. The small files open easily within the email. Since they can bring more than 100% lift in response rates, it’s a no-brainer you should use them – at least every once in a while.


However, taking the obvious advantage all the way to using HTML5 video auto-play within the email is not quite so simple. Tim Watson claims you should think twice before embedding video into an email. Here are his reasons why:


1. If they click on the embedded video, the click will not take the user to your website. In other words, if you want the recipient of your email to end up on your landing site, you are forcing them to click twice.


2. If you use a classic video image linked to a video on your site, it is simpler. You will want the video to adapt to fit every screen size and auto-play upon arrival. Be sure to overlay a play button on the framed image. People have been trained by YouTube to interpret what the arrow button does for them. Also, when you place your video on your own bold landing page, you can include a clever Call-to-Action (CTA) above the fold to increase response.


Best Embedding Methods


In the past embedding an email directly in an email was not well supported. Today, things are changing. The question no longer is about whether you want to use video as part of your email marketing. Instead, your choice of which way to connect your email recipients to a video is still in question.


Your conclusion may depend on who is receiving your emails. While one demographic will delete you if they have to click to a landing page to see the video, another group will get frustrated if they have to click twice to learn more. Truthfully, your CRM dashboard is the best tool for determining which method works best for your email list. Try both and measure. It’s simply the best way to do business in this rapidly changing sales environment.


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Let’s look back and summarize a few posts about emailed video this year.


March 14, 2014 – Reported statistics from The Relevancy Group showed Embedded Videos in Email (coined EVE) yielded higher click-through rates (55%), more time viewing email (44%), upped sharing of email (41%) and improved conversion rates (24%)


April 28, 2014 – Users of Apple products (iPhone, iPad and Apple Mail) can view video directly from the email using HTML5. For other users, we shared a Plan B in both video and a user guide.


June 25, 2014 – We reported an impressive result using video voicemail to improve results to the dreaded sales call voice mailbox. After the call is made and a voice mail is left for the sales lead, it is followed up with a brief video voicemail. Of those who opened the email, 84% engaged with the video. Included are an infographic and sample of an actual video voicemail from one of our staff.