How can I make your job easier

Kendra Banton

“Our mission is to help businesses grow because we believe that better businesses make better communities, families, employees and customers.”

That is the mission statement for SalesNexus, which is one of the reasons I love working here. That mission statement is very close to my own mission statement that I have had in place for over 20 years. My Personal Mission statement is “It’s my job to make your job easier, no matter what you do.”
 That means:
I look for ways to help customers that go beyond just what they ask me to do.
I look for ways to help customers streamline their processes.
I look for ways to help new staff learn their database system
I enjoy training new customers and updating existing customers
And sometimes that means saying “No” to a customer. If I know what they want to change will not give them the results they ultimately need, I speak up.
I put my years of experience doing Process Improvement for GE to work helping everyone who uses our system. I listen to what someone wants to accomplish and think of the best way they can do it in the system the way it is designed. Sometimes that process requires additional coding and that is something we charge for, but whenever possible, we find a solution that is already possible.
One of my favorite things about my job is solving problems. So making jobs easier just comes standard for me.