How CRM Is Pretty Much Like Dating

How CRM Is Pretty Much
Like Dating

Aside from in
movies, how often do people fall in love for the very first time and
commit to a long lasting,CRM-Dating happily ever after relationship?
Considering 50%
of marriages end in divorce
, this doesn’t happen too often.
People date, get a feel for the other person, stick around for a
while if things are going good, and get out quick if not. There are
ups and downs. Nothing is easy and surefire.

All of the above can relate to your
CRM. Some customers just won’t be the right fit for you. However,
like in dating, it’s okay – there are a lot of fish in the sea.
But, for the customers that are for you, here’s how to be the best
“boyfriend or girlfriend” for them:

  • Show them affection

    – Make
    sure your customers know how much you appreciate them. Reach out to
    them with “Thank You” cards, reward them for frequent visits or
    purchases and host a special customer appreciation event. Just show
    them a little love
    , that’s all.

  • Don’t get jealous

    – Let’s
    face it; unless both you and the customer have discussed the matter
    with some kind of contract, there is nothing exclusive about your
    relationship. Just because your customer might play the field a
    little bit or see what other options are out there doesn’t make
    your business any less important to them. Keep treating everyone the
    same and don’t worry about it.

  • No tricks

    – Do you woo a
    woman by telling her you are a millionaire if you are really a pizza
    delivery guy? Don’t do it with your business then. If a potential
    client is looking for something you cannot offer, do not string them
    along with false promises, tricks or lies. You will eventually get
    caught, lose that customer and possibly get a bad reputation.

  • Keep communications flowing

    – Make an attempt to respond to emails and social media messages and
    posts (within reason). Send out newsletters or create a blog to
    address frequently mentioned concerns. Host a “ask anything”
    event online where you will actively
    be present to communicate
    with your customers. Answer the phones
    politely and return your messages. These are all just examples.
    There are so many ways to make sure your customers are heard and

  • Don’t mourn the break-up

    – It’s hard when someone picks a competitor over you. Try not to
    take it personally. If
    it’s a valuable customer
    , fighting to win them back is
    acceptable but don’t bend over backwards. Don’t offer them
    anything you can’t earn back in profits. There are millions of
    people in this world. You can find the new Mr. or Mrs. Right.

All joking aside, the important thing
to remember with your CRM is common courtesy. Obviously, you aren’t
falling in love
with your customers
so there are flaws to the comparison but
treat your customers just like you would someone you really care
about and there won’t be much to manage. They will become your best
marketing team by spreading the word of your good business and they
will remain loyal because of your company and how it makes them feel.
It’s more than good prices and what’s available, it’s about the
experience overall.


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