Marginal Gains Make Champions


When Dave Brailsford claimed his Sky Team would win the Tour de France without the aid of performance enhancing drugs, it was a bold and headline grabbing statement, especially given where the sport had been recently.

Brailsford’s concept of “marginal gains” holds many lessons for those of us focused on sales teams and sales growth.  It’s easy to be focused on big
breakthrough changes that will lift your company to the next level.  The problem is that these breakthroughs are hard to achieve and are akin
to putting “it all on red”.  Either it works or it doesn’t.  There is no middle ground.
But what if you could combine hundreds of tiny improvements in your processes, your team, your attitude, your environment, etc.?  What could it all
add up to?
Sky Team proved it can be tremendous and ultimately “breakthrough” performance can be the result.