Out of touch, out of luck…

I’ve got a young family and so, I don’t get “out” like I used to…


Last week, I let an old college buddy talk me into meeting him out for a beer or two after work.


Didn’t spend too much time or have too much fun but, the topper was when I walked outside, I discovered my car had been broken into and my computer stolen.




When your technology is ripped away, you realize what it really means to you.


The good news – So many of the systems I depend on are hosted on the web that I was able to get the things done that needed to be done.


The bad news – you get things the way you like them with time.  When its all disrupted, you can function efficiently and its frustrating.


All this made me realize how much I depend on Internet based marketing efforts.  I spend a couple of hours a day tweaking PPC campaigns, blogging, etc. and it works.


And still, when I ask most of my clients if they’re marketing on the Internet, I hear “Well, our website is almost ready for release.”
Its like I’m in a parallel universe.  My clients have almost no experience with the kind of marketing I take advantage of everyday.
For any sales person or business owner in any industry, you have got to try it.   I know you’ve read all the stuff online about “Cold Calling is Dead”, etc.  Its not dead but, there darn sure is an easier way.


When you reach out to someone through traditional advertising or cold calling, you start an education process that may lead to a purchase after a few steps.


When someone searches for you online, you already know they want what you have.