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One of the scarcest resources in a small business is process. The paradox is that in a small business, with everyone wearing so many different hats, busy employees can easily lose track of next steps with a given customer or just get busy and forget to follow through for too long. Every small business owner knows that professional customer follow up can strengthen relationships, build trust and speed up sales cycles. If you decide that every time you make a presentation to a customer, you want to send a thank you note, then send an email with links to a few resources for the client, then call 7 days later, then your crm software for small business should make it easy for you to remember each of these steps and execute them quickly. Ideally, your crm systems for small business will actually automate the sending of letters, notes and emails and alert you when its time for you to make a call or take other action.


While the processes you automate in the early days may be basic and simple, they will serve as a starting point from which you can tweak process to improve results, add nuances to capitalize on new opportunities and measure the flow of customers through your sales pipeline so you can optimize marketing and sales strategies.


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