Writing Good Email Subject Lines

How to Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

One of the most common email marketing questions is, “How should I write my subject lines so that more recipients will open my emails?” It’s widely known that the email subject line is the gateway to the reader. It’s not uncommon for people to peruse their inbox looking at subject line and sender alone and delete irrelevant emails without even opening them. So how do you keep your email from falling victim to the trash folder? This post outlines a few key ways to make sure you are writing subject lines that will get your emails opened!

From Whom?

The email sender can be just as important as the email subject line. The From line should always remain consistent and should simply convey who you are as the sender. The From and Subject lines should support each other and make sense.

Email Subject Line Length

The email marketing rule of thumb for subject lines is to keep your subject line to less than 50 characters. Keeping it short is the sweet spot!

Localization Over Personalization

It’s really easy to personalize email marketing – to switch out names in emails – and people are catching on. No longer does having your name in an email communication mean the person knows you. Thus, you are likely to get more traction with localized emails. People are curious about things going on near them in their city or state, which makes it feel more personal. This can be seen in the growth of localized deal sites like Groupon or Daily Deals that provide deals to your inbox based on where you live.

Set Email Marketing Expectations

Always set subscribers’ expectations about what kind of emails they will be receiving when they opt-in to your email marketing. If they sign-up for a monthly newsletter, don’t send them promotions. If they sign-up for special discounts and incentives, don’t send them a newsletter. Managing expectations will help your emails get opened! Read our post on Email Marketing No No’s to learn more ways to keep your readers happy and opening your emails!

Common Email Marketing Subject Line Words to Avoid

The most overused and least compelling words in email marketing are: help, free, reminder, donation and special. These words will get your email caught in the clutter vortex and deleted. Also, steer clear of exclamation points in email subject lines.

Always put yourself in your reader’s shoes. What would you dismiss and what would you open? The email subject lines that are most likely to be opened are short, descriptive and give the reader reason to open and read your message! Email subject lines that are too salesy or cheesy tend to look like spam and turn people off immediately. The best email marketing subject lines tell, not sell!

Now that you know how to write good email subject lines, you may want to learn how to Easily Create Professional Emails. Mastering these email marketing skills will help get your emails opened and read!