What is Web lead Capture?

Lead capture is a tool that Salesnexus uses to grab leads that have been entered on a users web form on your website. This lead information then gets transferred from the web page to a deditacted email box that you have created just for web lead capture. Once this dedicated email box receives the email this is where the lead capture tool takes over. The lead capture tool will log in to this mail box every 3-20 minutes depending on its cycle. Once the tool has logged in to the box, it will proceed to read the information in the emails and parse the properly mapped data to SaleNexus.

How It Works

In order for SalesNexus to set up your web lead capture, you first need to develop the web form for your site and an email box to send leads to. SalesNexus can develop a web form for your company at a cost that will be discussed with development. The web form is not the only piece that needs to be developed. There also needs to be a bit of programming to take the data and create an email that is sent off to the capture box in the customer created form.

You also need to set up a dedicated email box that is only used for lead capture to be able to send the leads to and for the tool to access and parse the data over to the database. The box should be created on your email server if at all possible. It can be set up on the SalesNexus server but this will incur an extra cost.

Step 1:

Create a dedicated mailbox that will be used exclusively for the Salesnexus Lead Capture service.

Step 2:

Configure your lead form to copy all leads to the mailbox created in step 1. Once the above is complete, please fill out the form below. We will need this information to configure your database to capture the leads you receive. If you have any questions concerning this, please contact us. If you’ve not yet created your Web Lead Form, please see below for some generic guidelines.

Creating a Web Lead Form

While Salesnexus can work with virtually any Web Lead form, some are easier than others. If you’ve not set up your Web Lead form, please take these guidelines into consideration before doing so:

1. In the body of the email, use a common delimiter to separate the Field Name from the data. In the below example, the colon is the common delimiter.

    First Name: Salesnexus

    Last Name: Support2.

2. The email generated should be in Plaintext not HTML.

3. Each field should only appear one time on the email.

SalesNexus can create a form for you upon request for an additional charge.

Additional Setup

SalesNexus is responsible for configuring our system to pull the information from the dedicated email box that you have set up for Web Lead Capture purposes.  We will also map 1 form of up to 15 fields into our database.  Additional fields and forms can be configured at an additional price.  Also, if you need help setting up your dedicated email box or troubleshooting your Web Lead Capture beyond our configuration, there will be an additional charge.