Email Marketing Strategies

Build an email marketing strategy to support your business

What are the advantages of strategically using email in marketing your business? In this podcast, SalesNexus CEO Craig Klein continues the conversation with MarTech Podcast host Benjamin Shapiro about the advantages of email marketing. Here they delve into the different ways businesses can integrate email in their marketing strategy. In particular, they look into how … Continue reading

How to Nurture Leads with Text Message Marketing

Most people today have their smartphones with them 24/7. Have you considered using text message marketing to communicate with prospective and current clients?How can you use text message marketing in the right way to nurture your sales leads? Unlike other forms of marketing, text message marketing have a 70% response rate!  SalesNexus CEO Craig Klein virtually … Continue reading

4 Key Benefits of Email Marketing for Salespeople

Email Marketing Salespeople

In many businesses, the roles of marketing and sales teams are rigidly defined—and quite limited. Marketers in these businesses have the job of generating and nurturing leads, these businesses contend; salespeople run with those leads, hoping in many instances that they’re sales-ready, and that they’ll respond to requests for meetings and sales pitches. The problem … Continue reading