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CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) improves customer service, enables marketing automation and provides management visibility into marketing ROI, deal flow and sales staff performance.  CRM software requires planning and patience to implement successfully.

How to Create Email Templates

Email template guide

Ready to create great looking emails, but don’t know where to start? Here are some useful tips and easy-to-follow steps to create great looking and effective email templates. Getting Started Select one of the available designs Don’t worry if the design doesn’t exactly match what you have in mind – you can edit it as … Continue reading

Strategizing your Marketing and Sales Process

marketing automation, email marketing

Surprising Marketing Sales. Craig Klein is the CEO of SalesNexus. Craig began SalesNexus 17 years ago to help businesses reach new customers. In short, to manage customer relationships and grow scales. Therefore, SalesNexus implemented all elements of sales and marketing in one platform. In addition, SalesNexus also works with marketing automation and generate leads for companies. … Continue reading

Add Text Messages to Your Auto-Responder

Auto Responder

Are you sending out emails using your auto-responder, but not receiving many replies? In this video, find out why you need to schedule texts to your auto-responder, and how easy it is to do. The problem is, people don’t respond to an email campaign that much because we get so many of them. Whereas 99% … Continue reading

SalesNexus December 2020 Release

Notifications in CRM and Marketing Automation platform

SalesNexus today announced the release of an update to it’s CRM and Marketing Automation suite, scheduled to be available on December 11, 2020. Here’s what’s new… Enhancements & Improvements Notifications Now SalesNexus alerts you of Important Changes in your account and keeps you focused on what matters with Notifications. Notifications of Tasks Today, Past Due Tasks, Reaching … Continue reading

Aligning Sales & Marketing – Integrate & Ignite Podcast

I&I Podcast Craig Klein - Aligning Sales and Marketing

Recently, Lori Jones of the Integrate & Ignite Podcast interviewed Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus to discuss the topic of How to Align Sales & Marketing through CRM & Marketing Automation. Listen in on his conversation with host Lori Jones as they discuss email marketing, lead generation, and finding your perfect customer. If you have … Continue reading

SalesNexus Announces Version 5 – August 2020 Release

SalesNexus Announces Version 5

Exciting new features and enhancements are arriving to SalesNexus users on Thursday, August 6th, 2020. Let’s take a look at the improvements for the release scheduled for Thursday, August 6th, 2020, most notable being our brand new Email Editor 5.0, SMS Text Message Campaign Capability, and improvements to our Imports Process. Additionally, an updated Settings … Continue reading

How to Get Started Sending Text Messages through SalesNexus

We’ve created some resources for those that want to set up RingCentral with SalesNexus to schedule and send automated text messages easily through our system. This post will be your go to resource, so make sure to bookmark it if you’re looking to implement text messaging with SalesNexus! Please review the following help materials to get … Continue reading

Schedule Texts Through Your CRM – Automatically!

SMS Marketing

Instead of stopping what you’re doing to pick up your mobile phone, use your CRM to schedule automated text messages. When a customer replies to your automated text, to say, confirm your 3pm meeting tomorrow, you instantly get the text to your phone, and can see the chat history in your CRM. Let SalesNexus do … Continue reading

SalesNexus Demo

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