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Sales Emails: Stop Expecting Your Salespeople to be Copywriters

Sales Email or marketing

Sales Email: Are your salespeople copywriters? Chances are, they’re not. Although sales jobs require a fair amount of copywriting, most sales reps are hired for their ability to persuade people verbally. Yet times have changed. With online marketplaces booming, digital marketing and sales have become the norm. And while Internet shopping is more convenient for … Continue reading

Creating Email Templates for Sales Follow Up in CRM

Email Template for Sales Follow Up

One of the first things most people want to do with their CRM solution is to create email templates that sales people can quickly send to customers.  Sales follow up emails, requests for appointments and all the other types of emails that you send to customers over and over again each day. Your CRM system … Continue reading

Open Letter to My Sales Manager

Open Letter to Sales Manager

Dear Sales Manager, First, thank you for the opportunity to work here!  I’m excited about this new opportunity for me to contribute to a great company, help customers achieve their goals and earn a significant income! I know you’re very busy managing customers and the rest of your sales team.  I recognize that your priority … Continue reading

What Benjamin Franklin Can Teach You about an Email Marketing Plan

Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This couldn’t be truer when it comes to email marketing campaigns. Think of your email campaign as a general thinks of a war. Success hinges upon a well thought out plan with clearly defined goals. Your team members are your trusted … Continue reading

Can You Put Your Email Marketing on Autopilot?

Have you ever fallen for the scheme of ambitious marketers who say you can “set it and forget it” with marketing automation? That’s OK, you don’t have to raise your hand.   There are many, many benefits of marketing with email campaigns that have been automated within your CRM and email marketing platform. No doubt … Continue reading

Email Marketing: 8 Best Practices to Consider

Email Marketing Best Practices – Email marketing has evolved significantly over the last decade. It has the capability to become one of the strongest tools in your marketing toolbox when utilized correctly. A recent survey by iContact tells us that small businesses are spending the largest percent of their marketing budgets on email.  Email marketing … Continue reading

End the Battle – Is Effective Email Marketing an Art or Science?

Some marketers say email marketing is an art. Others say email marketing is a science. The reality is it’s a combination of both. You have to think like an artist to create engaging email marketing campaigns. Yet, campaigns can fall flat without the scientist analyzing data. CRM software makes it simple to embrace both the … Continue reading