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Is It Over? How to fire a prospect in an email.

Mrs Prospect, You're Fired

The concept of “firing” a prospect comes as surprising to a lot of salespeople, but often the best way to move forward with a prospect is to let them go. Prospects expect salespeople to “chase” them, so they assume you’ll keep calling and be there when they’re ready.  Not very courteous but, very common!  Here’s … Continue reading

Craig Klein appears on Texas Business Radio

Texas Business Radio - SalesNexus Interview

I have the opportunity to appear on Texas Business Radio on July 9th.  Jay Curry interviewed me and we dug into what businesses need CRM solutions, how do they choose the right technology and how to use CRM and Marketing Automation to grow your business. Watch the short interview here. We discussed how SalesNexus compares … Continue reading

Major SalesNexus Upgrade June 2016 Release

SalesNexus will release a completely new design with enhanced features in June 2016. The user interface has been updated and modernized to be easier for new users to learn and use quickly and to provide more full featured controls on tablets. In addition, the release includes powerful new features: Automated Campaign Triggering – clicks on emails … Continue reading