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Sales Emails: Stop Expecting Your Salespeople to be Copywriters

Sales Email or marketing

Sales Email: Are your salespeople copywriters? Chances are, they’re not. Although sales jobs require a fair amount of copywriting, most sales reps are hired for their ability to persuade people verbally. Yet times have changed. With online marketplaces booming, digital marketing and sales have become the norm. And while Internet shopping is more convenient for … Continue reading

The Ideal CRM Implementation Plan

Ideal Online CRM Implementation Plan

There are hundreds of CRM solutions available with a vast array of features for every type of user, industry and situation.  Yet half of CRM implementations fail to reach the goals management has for the CRM system. In most cases, CRM failure comes in the planning and implementation.  Too often, executives expect the CRM to … Continue reading

Use Email Analytics to Close Sales

Email Analytics for Sales

If you’re a salesperson getting started with leveraging email marketing, lead nurturing and email templates, all the jargon can be confusing.  However, there is a lot of power to engage with customers and close sales in the data about your email efforts so, let’s clarify the jargon and discuss best practices for using email engagement … Continue reading

Can Sales Teams do Email Marketing?

7 Ways Sales Teams Win with Email Marketing

I bet you didn’t know you’re already in the email marketing business, big time! How many people on your staff are sending emails to clients? How many of those emails are directly impacting the client’s relationship with your company and your revenue? Of course, sales teams are the greatest example of this!  Every time they … Continue reading