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Salespeople are the Difference Between Sales Managers that Suck and the Superstars

salespeople and sales management

The position of sales manager can be extremely rewarding or absolutely awful. While the truth is, much of your success depends on your team of salespeople, sales managers have more control over their success and failure than most might imagine. When things go well, they have a tendency in the sales arena to go very well. The … Continue reading

CRM Adoption Silver Bullet

CRM Adoption Silver Bullet

CRM adoption is like the Holy Grail of sales teams. It’s crucial to the congealing of the team, strategic initiatives and processes and underpins every goal for sales growth, marketing success and customer service brilliance. But, like Monty Python’s King Arthur clapping coconuts together to simulate the sound of horse hooves, sales managers often end … Continue reading

Annual Planning? Maybe a Gift for Your Sales Team

sales team planning meeting

This time of year really is insane!  Especially for salespeople and sales teams with annual planning etc! We all have holiday events to attend, gifts to buy and things to wrap up before year end.  However, sales teams inevitably end up trying to wrap the year with huge sales wins, while customers are checking out … Continue reading

Open Letter to My Sales Manager

Open Letter to Sales Manager

Dear Sales Manager, First, thank you for the opportunity to work here! I’m excited about this new opportunity for me to contribute to a great company, help customers achieve their goals and earn a significant income! I know you’re very busy managing customers and the rest of your sales team. I recognize that your priority … Continue reading