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Motivating Salespeople to Make Prospecting Calls

Motivate Salespeople to Make Prospecting Calls

Getting salespeople to make their prospecting calls and getting salespeople to use the CRM are probably the two of the biggest challenges faced by a sales leader/manager. Ironically, the two objectives go hand in hand.  You can’t reach your sales goals without consistent prospecting, and you can’t be sure that the prospecting calls are getting … Continue reading

Finding Your Mission in Life – Sales Training

The best salespeople have a strong inner drive that keeps them motivated and hunting for the next lead, customer and order.  Investments in sales training are unlikely to pay off if the salespeople are not sufficiently motivated to learn, adapt and change their habits. That’s one of the reasons it’s common to ask a potential … Continue reading

Incentivize Sales to Use the CRM

Incentives for Sales to use CRM

We’ve all heard that 50% of CRM implementations fail.  And the #1 reason for failure is that the sales team won’t use the CRM.  Click here for a review of studies and statistics on CRM failure. On the bright side, 50% of CRM implementations succeed too!  To ensure your CRM implementation ends up in the … Continue reading