4 Keys to Selecting a Small Business CRM

by | Sep 24, 2010



4 Keys to Selecting a Small Business CRM

HOUSTON, TX September 23, 2010 – SalesNexus, an online contact relationship management software company, just published a new article and free downloadable resource guide focusing on four categories to evaluate when selecting a customer relationship management solution for Small Businesses. Read the article at https://salesnexus.com/article/4-keys-to-selecting-a-small-business-crm/

Explore four things you should expect of your small business CRM solution, even if you don’t expect to utilize all these features on day one.  Just like the example of the young toddler, you must walk before you run but, you should not make short term technology decisions that will leave your small business hobbled when it is otherwise ready to sprint to success. In this article you will explore:

  • Document Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Customization and Support

These key elements of your small business CRM decision are important to consider, as well as many other specific features and capabilities that may be crucial for your business.  That’s why we’ve put together your Small Business CRM Comparison Guide.

Download it free at https://salesnexus.com/assets/downloads/small_biz_chart.pdf. It’s easy to print out and check off the capabilities of each CRM vendor you consider.

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SalesNexus, located in Houston, Texas is a privately held software development company dedicated to customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation and marketing automation for small- to mid- size businesses. The SalesNexus web based CRM enables sales teams to generate more leads, close more sales and keep customers longer.  SalesNexus’ unique combination of CRM and Email Marketing technology is matched by the industry’s most proactive and response support services. To learn more about SalesNexus, visit www.sn9.fifoma.com