List Building

List Building and Data Hygiene Services

SalesNexus partners with RampedUp to provide the highest quality data validation, appending and list building services.

marketing automation, list building, Data Hygiene

Email Validation

RampedUp uses a 4-Step validation process.
To determine if your email addresses are
deliverable, harmful, our outdated.

marketing automation, list building, Data Hygiene

Net New Contacts

Our global database can help you find your exact buyer within your target market. We offer one database to deliver lists from 500 Million contacts. Our suppression technology will ensure you don’t pay for records you already have today.

marketing automation, list building, Data Hygiene

Contact Enrichment

 RampedUp provides up to 60 fields of detailed
information for better segmentation and
targeted communication.

Direct Dial & Mobile Phone Numbers!

Pricing Options

Choose Your Plan

Number Of Contacts

One Time Purchase


1000 Contacts

One Time Purchase


5000 Contacts



per month

3 Months Minimum

5000 Contacts per month

Why RampedUp?

 RampedUp manages 500 Million professionals sourced from publicly available websites. The RampedUp database is maintained with monthly updates that keep data clean and current.  RampedUp customers build net new lists or identify and update bad records in their marketing and selling databases. View the RampedUp data dictionary here.