CRM Implementation

A great Implementation plan is essential to

SalesNexus works directly with your team to:

    • Strategize and define and prioritize requirements for
      •       Sales processes
      •       Lead generation processes
      •       Lead nurturing processes
      •       Data exchange with key business systems
    • Communicate the “Why” of CRM to your team
    • Plan integration with accounting, ERP and other systems.
    • Create user specific processes for key workflows
    • Create user specific reports and dashboards
    • Design, write and create email templates and campaigns
    • Pilot the system with key users and make adjustments
    • Plan and create user specific training programs and content
    • Conduct on-site and virtual training as required
    • Provide on-going premium help desk and support services.

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Affordable CRM setup and support

SalesNexus services are typically ⅓ the cost of independent CRM consultants.

That’s because we provide implementation and support services in order to ensure you’re successful with SalesNexus and are a client for a long time.

The average customer lifetime for CRMs is only 28 months because they’re typically so poorly implemented.  We make sure you get it right.  SalesNexus customers stay with us an average of 5 years.

See an in-depth cost comparison of SalesNexus vs. other CRMs, including implementation costs here.