Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

When you consider the costs of separate CRM and Email Marketing solutions plus the consultants, programmers and IT folks required to set it all up and make it work properly for you, SalesNexus is extremely inexpensive. SalesNexus is easy to set up, all in one solution and our industry leading support team is here to help you in any way you need, at no additional cost! Review complete pricing details here.

Why should I choose SalesNexus?

Because it’s one system instead of two or more, you’ll automate your business more completely and nurture leads, prospects and customers to grow the revenue and profits. Our Quick Start programs make setting it up for your unique business easy and affordable.  If you’re already using another CRM or Email Marketing solution, you won’t loose the valuable information you have now. Every customer gets premium support at no additional charge.  Call us and get answers.  Email us and get a response the same day.  Or Chat with our technical team and get answers in seconds.

SalesNexus customers stay with us twice as long as the industry average customer lifetime.

How is SalesNexus better than

SalesNexus includes email marketing and premium support at no additional cost.  It’s also easier to customize without hiring programmers.  SalesNexus is chosen over for it’s simpler interface designed by sales people for sales people. Read 7 Reasons SalesNexus is smarter than

How is SalesNexus better than ACT!?

SalesNexus is available wherever you are, via web, without all the IT hassles.  You don’t have to buy, install and maintain software.  SalesNexus also includes email marketing and premium support at no additional charge. Read “6 Reasons to Upgrade from ACT to SalesNexus Online CRM

How is SalesNexus better than Constant Contact?

Your costs don’t increase as you use the system more.  It also includes robust CRM capabilities so sales people can initiate campaigns themselves and pick up the phone and call people that opened or clicked your emails without transferring excel files between two systems. Compare SalesNexus with alternatives here.

How many emails can I send out?

Send out as many as you need and your costs will not increase.  Each individual user can send up to 25,000 emails per month!

Can I create touch campaigns and auto-responders?

Yes!  Campaigns can be a mixture of emails, calls, task, anything!  They can go on for months and months and you can have as many campaigns as you need.  Best of all, once a campaign is scheduled, the emails go out completely automatically!

How does your delivery rate compare to Constant Contact and other email marketing solutions?

SalesNexus works hard every day to ensure your emails are read by your customers.  Your emails can be sent from a dedicated IP address and you can take advantage of things like domain keys to authenticate your emails with ISPs and junk filter software.  SalesNexus email delivery rate is as good as anyone in the business.  We’ll stand by that and make sure you experience it first hand.

How do I create email templates in SalesNexus?

Start with our library of pre-designed email templates by dropping in your logo and text into professional HTML templates or create your own templates with our super simple to use template editor that lets you drop your mail merge fields and images in easily.  You can also design your templates outside of SalesNexus and paste them right in.

How many fields can I add?

It’s unlimited!  Create as many fields as you need.  Create as many tabs or screens as you need to organize all your fields.

How difficult is SalesNexus to customize to my business?

It’s easy and powerful!  Create as many fields as you need and arrange all your fields just the way you want.  Then create email and letter templates easily.  Automating your specific process is very simple with our Campaigns.  And, unique and powerful reports and analytics are just a few clicks away.

How do I convert my Free Trial to a permanent subscription?

If you’ve loaded contacts and customized fields in your Free Trial you can keep it all permanently!  Just go to our Pricing and Editions page and click the Buy Now button to start your subscription.  The system will ask for the number of users, etc.  Just indicate that you want to keep you “Existing Database” during the purchase process and you won’t miss a step.

What about Training Options?

 Join our live, daily training sessions as often as you want at no charge.  Our Self Guided Quick Start is an easy, step by step guide to setting up the system and getting started.  Also, consider our affordable QuickStart Packages for dedicated consulting and training tailored specifically to your needs.

What if I add a new user half way through the year?

Adding new members of your team to the system is easy.  Just go to Settings, User Admin and create their logon instantly.  The billing will be pro-rated so that new user subscriptions are in sync with your existing subscription.

How does the Web Lead Capture work – do I create the form in SN?  Can I use my existing form?

SalesNexus web lead capture extracts your lead information from the email sent by the form.  That means you don’t have to add programming to your website and you can capture leads from 3rd party sites that you don’t control!  Click here to see exactly how Web Lead Capture works.

Will the Email Capture system work on a Mac/with my email system?   How does it work?

SalesNexus email archival service works by checking a mailbox you designate.  All you have to do is forward or copy emails to this address and they’ll automatically be grabbed and attached to the appropriate customer record in SalesNexus.  Click here to see exactly how Email Capture works.

Will the sync work with a Mac/iPhone/Outlook?  How does it work?

SalesNexus synchronizes contacts and calendars with Outlook, iPhones, Blackberries, Android phones and many other systems and phones.  You just download a plugin for your phone or system, type in some server logon info we’ll provide you with and you’re in business.