Frequently Asked Questions

New Clients


How does SalesNexus compare with Hubspot, Salesforce and other alternatives?

SalesNexus is designed specifically for sales teams. CRM and Marketing Automation are all in one system, instead of multiple modules. That keeps it simple for users and less expensive for the business. Here’s a side by side comparison with other alternatives.

Can you help me set up the system?

SalesNexus offers setup, training and integration services. Our Superior Support Team and personalized assistance is just a chat, email, or call away! See an overview of Setup Services here.

Can you help me create my email campaigns?

Yes. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you, you just sell the leads! See an overview of our Email Marketing Services here.

How many steps does a caller/salesperson have to go through to make a call and log the results?

SalesNexus is optimized to make selling fast and easy. Click to dial the phone and quickly enter notes or just disposition the call (voicemail, conversation, etc.) and schedule your follow up. It’s all on one screen so you stay focused and make a lot of calls in a little time. See a short overview here.

Can I limit access to contacts or capabilities per user?

Yes, you can set restrictions for each user depending on how you want them to access information on your SN database.

Can I Integrate with Quickbooks, Outlook, Microsoft ERP, ClickFunnels, etc.?

Yes. It’s easy to plug SalesNexus into thousands of other apps via Zapier. Or use the SalesNexus API. Learn more about SalesNexus Integrations here.

Can SalesNexus create quotes for my customers?

Yes. Create quote templates for emailing or printing. Quotes can mail merge customer information and product/pricing information from sales opportunities created in SalesNexus. Here’s how it works.

Will SalesNexus work with my phone system?

Yes, We can work with most VOIP phone service providers, utilizing softphones to execute your click to call. See an overview of VOIP options here.

Are there free training videos I can watch to learn more about the tool?

Yes. Watch Pre-Recorded Sessions here.

Can I create drip/on-going email campaigns and auto-responders?

Yes. Every Customer Gets Your Full Attention, Everytime, Automatically.

Do I have to have “opt-in” before I can email my customers?

No. You can load in your own list (Excel, CSV) and email them immediately. SalesNexus automatically makes it easy for recipients to opt-out if they wish.

Are RampedUp contacts included in my SalesNexus subscription?

No. See an RampedUp subscription overview here.

i. Is it legal? It is still legal to email people in the US as long as you give them the option to opt out. SalesNexus does that for you automatically.

ii. Are they opted-in? No – it is not possible to pass Opt In preferences from one company to another.

iii. Can I try it out? Yes. Call us today and we are happy to provide you with a free trial account with RampedUp.

Is Support available?

Premium Support includes – email, chat and phone, no limits, same day service and there is no extra charge.

Can I pay month to month? (Am I locked into a contract?)

No contract. You can terminate this agreement for any reason with 30 days’ notice.