Is Your Business Ready for a Contact Management Software Solution? – Part 2

by | Dec 16, 2010

Contact Management SoftwareThe following is Part 2 of

 “Is Your Business Ready for a Contact Management Software Solution”.

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Organizing prospect and customer information in contact management software is important.  Each individual sales person within your organization can be more effective and more productive by using contact software to organize their information.
However, if no one else in the organization has access to that information, then there are still some big limitations on your ability to serve customers and respond to opportunities.

As we pointed out in Part 1 of this article, the lack of one centralized contact management software solution will prevent you from executing mailings to more than one or two big events each year.  Also, you won’t have answers for customers and prospects when the need solutions and answers if their sales person is not around at the time.

Advantages of a Contact Management Software..

However, another key advantage of centralized contact management software accessible by everyone on your team is that it gives the business control over the relationship.  If your sales person has your customer information stored on their own computer and then you fire them or they choose to leave to work for your customer, you can be they’ll be leaving with a copy of your customer information.

Why SalesNexus for Your Contact Management Software?

In particular, hosted, web-based contact management software or online CRM solutions like SalesNexus allow managers to control with contact each sales person can see and whether they are able to export their own lists.  This allows your business to protect the strategic asset that is your prospect and customer information, managed in a centralized contact management software solution.