CRM 4.0 – 3 New Quick Start Programs

by | Dec 14, 2010

SalesNexus announces 3 new Quick Start Programs, the most affordable implementation services in the online CRM world.  All subscriptions include a SalesNexus CRM 4.0 step Quick Start Program at no additional charge.


SalesNexus CRM 6.0 and 16.0 step programs are also available.  Most online CRM vendors rely on partners, value added resellers and consultants to provide implementation services.  These 3rd party providers charge by the hour as their primary source of income.


This increases the cost of complete solution and forces the customer to manage two separate vendors in configuring and launching their CRM solution.  SalesNexus provides these Quick Start Programs internally and keeps the cost very reasonable.  SalesNexus programs for less than $1,500 compare with similar services valued at $5,000 or more and include database customization, importation of pre-existing customer information, email template design and report customization, in addition to the services in the CRM 4.0 step program included in all SalesNexus subscriptions.


The SalesNexus CRM 4.0 step Quick Start program, included in all subscriptions, includes twice weekly online live CRM training sessions as well as unlimited support via phone, email and chat.  Unlike most online CRM solutions SalesNexus user support provides same day answers to all subscribers without additional costs for premium support.


In addition, the CRM 4.0 step Quick Start program includes unlimited access to the Sales Mastery Institute.  The Sales Mastery Institute includes live webinars hosted by some of the most respected names in sales and marketing.  SalesNexus subscribers also have access to e-books, how-to-guides and articles on selling and marketing.


Data migration is a common challenge when changing CRM vendors.  In addition to its CRM 4.0 step program, the SalesNexus CRM 6.0 step Quick Start Program includes importation of pre-existing customer information from ACT!, Goldmine and  Unlike many other solutions, SalesNexus CRM data migration services include all notes, history, scheduled calls and meetings, custom fields, sales opportunities and more.


Finally, the SalesNexus CRM 16.0 step Quick Start Program walks customers through a series of design sessions so that all the crucial components of CRM success are created for the client, according to their unique needs.  This includes email templates and custom analytics.  Of course, this program includes the CRM 4.0 step Quick Start program described above.