Why should I switch from Excel to a Customer Relationship Management Solution?

by | Nov 12, 2014

I get this question a lot, “Why should I pay for a
CRM, when I have Microsoft Excel and a shared folder?” Well, that is a valid
question. What an
Online CRM provides is not just a way to spend money, but a way to save
time and help support your business in ways that many don’t consider.

It is true that Excel has features that allow you to track information about your
customers/clients, contacts, prospects, marketing, etc. You can easily have one
workbook for all of these or separate workbooks. It can be placed on a shared folder
where everyone can have access to it. This would definitely save you money, but
is it efficient?

There are many ways that a Customer Relationship Management solution gives you a value-added investment.
An Online CRM is available when and where you need it. You can work from
anywhere at any time.

Forgetful? Limited time? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. CRM’s workflows
can automate tasks to make you more efficient. It can also provide reminders for
you so something is not overlooked.

A CRM solution can also lead to improved marketing of your products or services
by helping you with effective, targeted marketing communications aimed specifically
at a prospect and customer needs. This allows you to adopt a more personal approach
when nurturing and communicating with your prospects and customers.


Ever launched a
marketing campaign and you don’t know if it was worth the money? A CRM
with integrated email marketing allows you to connect responses to your
email campaign along with the prospects and opportunities it generates.
Successful campaigns can be duplicated to bring in more revenue and less successful
campaigns can be retired to not waste time and resources.

Online CRM can bring value providing ways to help you do more business
with less time and waste, in other words allowing you to work smarter.