Is Sales Training Worth the Investment?

by | Jan 26, 2016

Sales know how is essential to sales success in any industry.  The learning curve of a sales person can be very slow and expensive if they’re relying soley on You're Wasting Sales Training Dollarsfirst hand experience.

Investing in sales training makes a lot of sense for new, inexperienced sales people and certain programs can even be valuable for seasoned pros.

In my previous life, I took over a sales team made up of former geologists who had been laid off from oil companies during an energy industry downturn.  Short story:  Scientists and engineers generally don’t make great salespeople without training.  Their instincts make them too likely to have the most common killer problems for salespeople:  Call reluctance, talking too much in high pressure situations and focus on features instead of value.

I connected my team with a local Sandler Sales Institute program and it changed everything!   They learned a “system” that led them to focus on asking questions, finding customer pain, etc.

However, we learned that learning the technique was not enough for most salespeople.  They needed a lot of reinforcement.  It wasn’t until we drilled down to measuring which of the key questions got asked and answered did they really adopt the Sandler approach.

Our recent report, “You’re Wasting Sales Training Dollars” lays out the keys to holding your team accountable to implementing the techniques they’re learning.  Without this accountability, you truly are wasting your sales training investment.

Download “You’re Wasting Sales Training Dollars” here.