Is Your Online CRM just a Rolodex in the Cloud?

Online CRM Rolodex in Cloud

You’ve signed up for a fancy new cloud-based online CRM. This new system will help you manage sales like nobody’s business, keep up with every last lead, and boost your customer service. There’s just one problem. It hasn’t worked out that way. Instead of the super-efficient system you imagined, your cloud is a mess. It’s … Continue reading

Using CRM to Find and Hire the Right Salesperson

SalesNexus Podcast Appearances

Every business must know what they need from each salesperson and they need to know how to find the people who can deliver those results. Using CRM can help you accomplish all of the above and more, primarily by removing the guesswork. What Does Your Business Need? It is not only impossible but also quite … Continue reading

A Sale is the Result of a Great Conversation

Not closing enough deals?  Maybe you’re talking too much. Watch this short video by Sales and Marketing strategist, Steve Yastrow: It’s not the smooth talk or the dazzling presentation you’ve delivered that get the order.  Sales happen when customers make their own decisions to part with their money and invite you to be one of … Continue reading

2018 Sales Success starts with Sales Dashboard Usage


The sales process is experiencing a paradigm shift away from the tradition of updating strategy and changing every quarter or every month. When sales managers tabulated all of the results of the team’s effort in the past few weeks, the numbers may result in some positive recognition or telling certain team members to step it … Continue reading

Sales Training and CRM Go Hand in Hand for Success

Sales Training ROI grows with CRM

There are plenty of old-school techniques for training your sales team that rely on outdated methods of reaching the customer. In a technologically connected era, sales teams must combine the strengths of in-person sales (if such sales even happen in your industry) with the essential skills of managing client relationships online. Management of businesses need … Continue reading

CRM Implementation Success Grows Business Valuation So You Can Sell Faster

CRM Implementation increases business valuation

After years of running your business, have you thought about selling it for a substantial profit? If you haven’t evaluated your business lately, you might end up discovering some surprises on what it’s really worth. While you probably think of your business value as all revenue and profits, buyers look at many other variables. Part … Continue reading

Under-utilized CRM Ruins Customer Experience

CRM Customer Experience

If you’re not measuring sales engagement with customers using your CRM, then your speeches and slogans about the desire to create a compelling customer experience and build lasting relationships with customers by focusing on customer service are worthless. It’s not going to happen without holding the sales team accountable to specific measurement of the depth … Continue reading

Why Combine CRM and Marketing Automation

Combining CRM and Marketing Automation

The benefits of combining CRM and marketing automation are tremendous and very profitable.  In fact, one of the primary reasons businesses decide to implement their first CRM solution is to get their customer and prospect list organized to enable email marketing and other outreach. Frank Paterno detailed these benefits here.  A few of the highlights … Continue reading

New SalesNexus Upgrade – What’s New?

The newest update to SalesNexus Sales CRM and Marketing Automation is available to new and existing clients!  Here’s a short overview of significant changes that existing users will want to be aware of.  Watch the video of the new version and see your upgrade options below. Why Upgrade to the New SalesNexus? Integrations with FullContact, … Continue reading

Craig Klein appears on Texas Business Radio

Texas Business Radio - SalesNexus Interview

I have the opportunity to appear on Texas Business Radio on July 9th.  Jay Curry interviewed me and we dug into what businesses need CRM solutions, how do they choose the right technology and how to use CRM and Marketing Automation to grow your business. Watch the short interview here. We discussed how SalesNexus compares … Continue reading