RampedUp Data Integration in SalesNexus

by | Oct 17, 2021

SalesNexus is integrated with RampedUp to provide SalesNexus users instant access to additional contact information for any contact added to SalesNexus.

If all you have is an email, SalesNexus now allows you to instantly add Company, Title, Phone, Address and other details to the contact!

Watch the video to see how it works!

How it works

First, open up the contacts page. Next, click on the desired contact. If the email of that contact exists in the RampedUp database, then the RampedUp icon will appear at the top.

If the RampedUp icon is green, that means that RampedUp has data on that contact.
If the RampedUp icon is green, that means that RampedUp has data on that contact. However, that data needs to be updated or synchronized in SalesNexus.

Therefore, you have the option to update the contact information through RampedUp Integration.

You can check the information currently in the SalesNexus Database for that contact by heading to the right side of the page. View the notes, click on the additional fields, and you should see all the known details of that particular contact.
To use the RampedUp Integration to update the contact's details, click on the RampedUp Icon.

To use the RampedUp integration to update the contact’s details, simply click on the RampedUp icon.

Free vs. Paid Options

After you click the RampedUp icon, a message will appear asking you to choose an option to update the contact with missing info from RampedUp.

You can choose between the FREE or the PAID options.
By clicking the FREE option, you will be able to update that contact’s information, but the details provided will be limited.
If you choose the PAID option, 1 credit will be deducted from your credits. You will then gain full access to all the available information for that contact.


The information has successfully been updated.
Once you make your choice, a success message will pop up. It will tell you that the information has been updated. 

As a result, you can then check the resulting data in the contact record.

What’s Included in SalesNexus

All SalesNexus users get unlimited access to the basic RampedUp contact info. This includes:

  • Full name
  • Personal Email address
  • Title
  • Location
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Company address
  • Company Email address

All SalesNexus users get 25 credits per month to download the complete RampedUp contact info. This includes:

  • Social Media handles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts)
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Company details (location, number, revenue range, primary industry, specialties, number of employees, status, number of followers…)
  • Current and former titles
  • Job history (former companies/employers)

You can purchase additional credits via SalesNexus.

Learn more about RampedUp subscription plans here.