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How Constant Contact, MailChimp and SalesNexus Handle Bounced Emails

Bounced Emails

What does it mean when an email “bounces”? How do popular email marketing solutions like Constant Contact, MailChimp and SalesNexus manages bounced emails? When B2B sales teams begin email marketing, there are a lot of “mysteries” and bounces can be one of the most difficult to sort out. A typical sales team’s email marketing efforts … Continue reading

Email Marketing for Sales Teams: Best Practices

Email marketing is not one thing. There’s a lot that goes into it.  The most effective emails are those that are created with a very specific purpose and a very targeted audience in mind.  Small and medium sized businesses often miss the mark with email marketing.  Of course, so do the big guys.  The causes … Continue reading

Is It Over? How to fire a prospect in an email.

Mrs Prospect, You're Fired

The concept of “firing” a prospect comes as surprising to a lot of salespeople, but often the best way to move forward with a prospect is to let them go. Prospects expect salespeople to “chase” them, so they assume you’ll keep calling and be there when they’re ready. Not very courteous but, very common! Here’s … Continue reading

Major SalesNexus Upgrade June 2016 Release

SalesNexus will release a completely new design with enhanced features in June 2016. The user interface has been updated and modernized to be easier for new users to learn and use quickly and to provide more full featured controls on tablets. In addition, the release includes powerful new features: Automated Campaign Triggering – clicks on emails … Continue reading

What is Permission Based Marketing?

Permission Based Marketing Uncovered If you’re a marketer, permission based marketing should be a well-understood and applied practice. However, for those just getting into marketing, gaining a basic understanding of what permission based marketing is and what it is not can be useful. This will help you keep current customers and attract new customers in … Continue reading

Writing Good Email Subject Lines

How to Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened One of the most common email marketing questions is, “How should I write my email subject lines so that more recipients will open my emails?” It’s widely known that the email subject line is the gateway to the reader. It’s not uncommon for people to peruse … Continue reading