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3 Big Reasons Why Marketing Automation Is Not Working for Your Business

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Marketing automation looks like a brilliant solution to your marketing efforts. It’s a great way for your sales team to spend more time doing what you hired them to do. Less on the grunt work they’re currently doing. “Marketing automation is technology that manages marketing processes…automatically. With marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages … Continue reading

April 2021 Release

April 2021 Release

Today, SalesNexus announced the release of the latest updates to its CRM and Marketing Automation Suite. This is scheduled to be available on April 22, 2021, at 8pm ET / 5pm Pacific. Here’s what’s new Enhancements: Sales Import from CSV Users can import Sales Report Updates/Opportunities that are exported from Quickbooks or any other accounting … Continue reading

3rd Critical Factor for Success: Develop a team of master virtual sellers

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Ultimately, the goal is to develop a team of master virtual sellers, but in order to do that, we have to overcome some hurdles. New Skills & Coaching Coaching is the key to supporting skill mastery. Training alone vs. Training with Coaching has a four-fold impact on one’s ability to master a skill. So if … Continue reading

2nd Critical Factor for Success: Focus on Both Leading and Managing

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Success in sales is a combination of the quantity of calls you make, and the effectiveness of each call. The reason we hire more reps is because we want to get a higher quantity of calls. The reason we train with coaches is because we want to get better quality of calls.  Surprisingly, although sales … Continue reading

1st Critical Factor for Success: Build your 2021 plan based on the new reality

Build your 2021

Even with the progress of a possible vaccine on the horizon, we need to face the reality that this may be the new normal for a while. With that, we need to plan for a full year of COVID in 2021. Instead of setting your budgets based on 2019, base it on 2020, assuming that … Continue reading

Schedule the campaign

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The last step to completing your campaign is scheduling it to go out. Once that is finalized, you can sit back as our system automatically sends the emails out for you. All you have to do is wait to see the results and make any necessary adjustments before sending out your next one.  Follow these … Continue reading

How to Set Up Email Campaigns with SalesNexus


Once you’ve got your emails sorted, sending them out into the world is easy! First, create the campaign in our system and then schedule when each email should go out. Then, sit back and let our automated sales system send them out for you. Additionally, you can use our system to manage other tasks like … Continue reading

Sequencing the Steps of Your Email Campaign


Now that you have your emails ready, all you have to do is sequence and schedule them in your email campaign. Here are a few things to consider in planning the sequence of your emails and following up on them.  For more on how you can succeed in creating successful email campaigns, download our FREE … Continue reading

How to Write Successful Emails

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Now it’s time to write the emails for your campaigns, but where do you start? We’ve got the formula and some useful tips to keep in mind before hitting that send button. Read more about it here, and download our Email Campaign Creation Guide for free for more details and examples.  Avoid trying to create … Continue reading

Share Related Content in Your Email Campaigns

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Boost your email campaign with valuable original content, and useful related content. To help you with the daunting task of content creation we have come up with the Email Campaign Creation Guide, which you can get here – for FREE! At SalesNexus, we’ve helped thousands of businesses succeed with email marketing.  Over the past 16 … Continue reading