Add SMS Marketing to your B2B Campaigns

Are you looking for another way to reach out to your customers? Another way to get their attention is through SMS marketing. When done right, it could yield advantages to your B2B marketing campaigns. In the third episode of this MarTech Podcast series, SalesNexus CEO Craig Klein and Martech Podcast host Benjamin Shapiro explore how … Continue reading

How to create B2B Email Campaigns that get results

In this world where customer communications is growing increasingly complex, we are getting more and more requests for our attention. What do you need to do to separate your B2B email campaigns from the rest of the crowd, and to stand out amidst all the sales noise? How do you create B2B email campaigns that actually … Continue reading

Strategizing your Marketing and Sales Process

marketing automation, email marketing

Surprising Marketing Sales. Craig Klein is the CEO of SalesNexus. Craig began SalesNexus 17 years ago to help businesses reach new customers. In short, to manage customer relationships and grow scales. Therefore, SalesNexus implemented all elements of sales and marketing in one platform. In addition, SalesNexus also works with marketing automation and generate leads for companies. … Continue reading

Aligning Sales & Marketing – Integrate & Ignite Podcast

I&I Podcast Craig Klein - Aligning Sales and Marketing

Recently, Lori Jones of the Integrate & Ignite Podcast interviewed Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus to discuss the topic of How to Align Sales & Marketing through CRM & Marketing Automation. Listen in on his conversation with host Lori Jones as they discuss email marketing, lead generation, and finding your perfect customer. If you have … Continue reading

How to Automate Follow Up With A CRM

Sales Babble Podcast-Automate Sales Follow Up with a CRM

Pat Helmers of the Sales Babble Podcast recently sat down with Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus to discuss the challenges of lead follow up and How to Automate Follow Up With A CRM In this episode, Craig and Pat chat about the issues sellers and sales managers face nurturing leads. They then go into problem solving mode and discuss strategies and tactics that can be used … Continue reading

How to Start Improving Your Sales Process Today

Paul Maskill of the Business Owner’s Freedom Podcast recently sat down with Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus to discuss How to Start Improving Your Sales Process TODAY. What They Dig Into How to start improving your sales process How to start turning “NO’s” into “YES’s” Step-by-step process for market domination What are the most important KPI’s to measure success … Continue reading

Accelerate Sales Podcast

Accelerate Sales Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to appear on Andy Paul’s Accelerate podcast. Andy is a great host with tremendous insights on making sales organizations hum. He’s had his hands in the sales growth of businesses of all types and sizes and is just fun to brainstorm with. I’m also a big fan of Andy’s “Zero … Continue reading