sales accountability

Uber-ized Sales or Model T Sales?

AA-ISP San Francisco

We had the opportunity to attend the recent AA-ISP event in San Francisco on February 18, 2016. As always, Bob Perkins, Larry Reeves and the entire team at AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) put together a power packed event. The day was full of cutting edge thinking in selling.  The slides from all … Continue reading

Sales Accountability, Do or Die?

Sales Accountability

Inmates running the asylum? Salespeople doing what they do with no real accountability? Salespeople are great at telling stories and that is precisely what makes them challenging to manage.  “What did you do today?”, asks the manager.  “I met with 5 awesome prospects today.  One is big enough to make my quote for the year!”, … Continue reading

Is Sales Training Worth the Investment?

You're Wasting Sales Training Dollars

Sales know how is essential to sales success in any industry.  The learning curve of a sales person can be very slow and expensive if they’re relying soley on first hand experience. Investing in sales training makes a lot of sense for new, inexperienced sales people and certain programs can even be valuable for seasoned … Continue reading