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Add SMS Marketing to your B2B Campaigns

Are you looking for another way to reach out to your customers? Another way to get their attention is through SMS marketing. When done right, it could yield advantages to your B2B marketing campaigns. In the third episode of this MarTech Podcast series, SalesNexus CEO Craig Klein and Martech Podcast host Benjamin Shapiro explore how … Continue reading

How to Get Started Sending Text Messages through SalesNexus

We’ve created some resources for those that want to set up RingCentral with SalesNexus to schedule and send automated text messages easily through our system. This post will be your go to resource, so make sure to bookmark it if you’re looking to implement text messaging with SalesNexus! Please review the following help materials to get … Continue reading

Schedule Texts Through Your CRM – Automatically!

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Instead of stopping what you’re doing to pick up your mobile phone, use your CRM to schedule automated text messages. When a customer replies to your automated text, to say, confirm your 3pm meeting tomorrow, you instantly get the text to your phone, and can see the chat history in your CRM. Let SalesNexus do … Continue reading