The one thing you changed in 2007

by | Jan 23, 2008 has asked its contributors to answer the question, “What’s the one thing you changed in 2007 that had the greatest impact on sales?”. There have been some fascinating responses. Jan Visser, founder of, asked me to contribute my two cents to the discussion. Click here to read my post to


The question isn’t that simple to answer. It gets you to thinking…


A change in my outlook or attitude? A new sales technique? Rededication to a certain market or lead source? Sometimes its tough to seperate all the little things from each other…


I finally chose as a topic “Do You Know How to Separate Good Prospects from Dead Ends?”.


Looking back on it, there were a lot of things that had to come together to give us the confidence to stick with our process through ups and downs. But, what it did for us was invaluable!


The sales staff became a team, not just a collection of individuals. New sales reps were able to find success almost immediately. Our marketing efforts became more focused on cost efficient.


Its what I preach to our customers all day everyday but, the truth is its been tough even for us. We finally got it right in 2007 and its paying big time!


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