What’s the Goal of your First Meeting?

by | Feb 9, 2018

You’ve got an appointment!  Now, what’s the goal for the meeting?  Spoiler Alert:  It’s not to close the deal!

If you’re monologuing at customers and walking away disappointed, watch this short video by Sales and Marketing strategist, Steve Yastrow:

The real goal of the meeting is to build the relationship with the customer.

Three things to focus on in sales conversations:

  1. Be fully engaged with the customer and get the customer engaged with you.
  2. It’s got to be a conversation.  Get the customer talking and learn about them.
  3. Be sure the conversation is personalized to the specific customer.

Quick Tip:  Use what you’ve recorded in the sales team’s CRM from previous phone calls and conversations as a starting point.  “You’ve shared with me that……..  Did I understand that correctly?”  This indicates you listened and are confirming understanding.  Now have a small handful of follow up questions pre-planned… “I wanted to dig a bit deeper and learn more about your needs…”

Watch these additional sales conversation tips from Steve Yastrow:

Steve Yastrow is a speaker and business advisor on issues of strategy, customer relationships, marketing and branding.  Steve’s also the author of “Ditch the Pitch”, “Brand Harmony” and other great books for helping businesses grow!