Sales Training

Sales Training is a journey, not a destination.  Training sales people requires communicating techniques and on-going feedback on results in the field.

It happens 3pm EST Tomorrow, Tuesday 2/26

The follow up to “ACT! and Outlook are Holding You Back” is a Free Webinar tomorrow afternoon!   Don’t miss it!  There are still a few spaces available.   On Tuesday, February 26, at 3pm Eastern, join us for “Making Contact Management Work“.   This free webinar will include: The Who, What, Why, Where, When and … Continue reading

Making Contact Management Work Webinar

The release of “ACT! and Outlook are Holding You Back” has produced a ground swell of questions!  Readers want to discuss how they can apply these principals to their own businesses.   It seems that the feeling of being unable to reach your full potential in sales and service is unbelievably common.   On Tuesday, … Continue reading

Getting a prospect’s Pain over the phone

If you sell over the phone, you know that establishing trust and rapor over the phone can be a unique challenge.  When you’re not face to face, you don’t have the benefit of your winning smile, successful dress and empathetic facial expressions!   To get a prospect to share their “Pain” over the phone requires trust.  This article … Continue reading

Sales Technique is about Organization

Typical sales people are not engineers.  They’re not detail oriented.  They’re right brained types, creative, impulsive and extroverted.   Sales people like to make things up as they go.  The take it as it comes environment is what attracts this type of person. This is a pretty common personality type among entrepreneurs too.  And so … Continue reading

Sales people wanted

Wow!  If you spend a few minutes surfing blogs on sales and internet marketing, you can get the feeling that sales people are dinosaurs…  Here’s an example posting. Its easy to get a bit myopic and assume that we (those of us reading and writing blogs) represent the majority opinion. Since beginning this blog, I’ve … Continue reading

Nothing New in Sales…

I read an article over the weekend describing a sales methodology, called “Buying Facilitation“, and going all the way back to Dale Carnegie as the root of the approach. What struck me is that the 1980’s was quoted as the era of the introduction of “Consultative Selling”…   Its true that there was a boom … Continue reading

The Ultimate Take Away

I read a great article on Yoest the other day about a meeting with David Sandler. Funny thing is, when I met my first Sandler trainer, his approach was almost exactly the same…   I expected him to act like every other sales person I’d ever met and start “selling” me on his services and … Continue reading

Fire a Prospect

Objectives – Put the sales person in control of the process and focus time on prospects that are ready to close Change the dynamics of the relationship – Customers expect the sales person to “chase” them and they take advantage of that fact.  They don’t return your calls because they know you’ll call again.  This … Continue reading