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Easily Edit Info on Lookups and View All Contacts Screen

Edit Any Field In A Contact List Or Lookup

Applies to:  R4 Version Edit Information on Lookups and View All Contacts Screen by simply Clicking & Holding on any Field To do this, follow below: Click on the Field you want to edit, and hold for 5 Seconds NOTE:  To reduce the amount of time required to “hold” the click, go to X > My … Continue reading

Logging Calls In SalesNexus

Logging a Call In SalesNexus

There Are Two Ways to Log a Call in SalesNexus.  First Way: 1. Navigate to “Tasks” in the menu at the top of your screen, and click” Log a Call” to fill out the details of the call along with related follow ups. 2. Next, fill out the information gained from the call, with the … Continue reading

The Secret To Meeting Your 2019 Sales Goals

Good job! You’ve made it through the first leg of January. You’ve been given sales goals and you are doing all that you can to reach them. You may be starting to feel as if you won’t reach them or you are starting to get behind. You may even find yourself in a slump where … Continue reading

SalesNexus and IQDial combine Auto Dialer with CRM Software

Auto Dialer with CRM Software

SalesNexus and IQDial have combined to integrate powerful Auto Dialer with CRM Software technology to make outbound calling campaigns easy, fast and effective.’s Auto Dialer solution dials up to 3 lines at once so sales reps are connecting to more prospects in less time.  IQDial also automates dealing with phone menus and leaving voice … Continue reading

Road Map to CRM Success

CRM Success Road Map

Are you embarking on the road to CRM success? If you’re like most companies implementing CRM software for the first time, you have more questions than answers when it comes to exactly how to set things up. It’s challenging to know how to properly configure your CRM software until you’ve used it a bit to … Continue reading

5 Business Disasters & How CRM and Cloud Computing Can Rescue You

CRM software helps overcome business disasters

CRM software, Cloud Computing and Written Procedures can protect your business from all of the most common disasters.   If it hasn’t happened to your business yet, just wait… it will!  No matter how hard we try to avoid it, life happens and it’s not always good. There are a few things that can happen to … Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey – Recover Business Operations

As the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey continue to unfold, we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to our Houston and surrounding area clients. As many of you know, SalesNexus is also based in Houston.  Despite some personnel displacement, we want to assure you that our support team is fully functional, via phone (800) … Continue reading

Creating Email Templates for Sales Follow Up in CRM

Email Template for Sales Follow Up

One of the first things most people want to do with their CRM solution is to create email templates that sales people can quickly send to customers.  Sales follow up emails, requests for appointments and all the other types of emails that you send to customers over and over again each day. Your CRM system … Continue reading

SalesNexus Release Notes

SalesNexus Release Notes

SalesNexus Releases Improvements and bug fixes released in SalesNexus CRM and Marketing Automation are listed below with most recent at top. SalesNexus Announces Version 5 Release – August 6th, 2020 Enhancements & Improvements Send Automated SMS Text Message Campaigns (Or add texts to existing campaigns) in SalesNexus Built in RingCentral Integration – Click to Call … Continue reading

Find Emails Instantly with SalesNexus CRM

find emails

SalesNexus CRM and Marketing Automation just released the ability to find emails instantly for your leads, prospects and customers. With an integration with, SalesNexus now allows users to quickly find the correct email address for a new prospect or customer. Anytime a user enters the first and last name, and either the company name … Continue reading