Sequencing the Steps of Your Email Campaign

by | Mar 31, 2021

Now that you have your emails ready, all you have to do is sequence and schedule them in your email campaign. Here are a few things to consider in planning the sequence of your emails and following up on them. 

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Especially when targeting an audience that’s unfamiliar with you, each email they see in their inbox is a branding impression. Therefore, it can increase the chances of a response to the next one.

results will improve

It’s simple math. If you have 1,000 on your list and send them one email to get 20 or 30 responses, then sending 2 emails should get you 40 or 60.

How often should you send out emails?

Space out the sequence depending on your relationship.

If they don’t know you, once a week is a good place to start. If they have already purchased something or just requested info, then a few times a week is fine.

Plan Out the Follow Up Steps 

How will you handle the positive responses? Do you call the people that watch your video or send them another email asking for an appointment?

If you’re expecting readers to fill out a form on your site, how will you ensure they all get the response you want? Create a separate campaign to ensure consistent and automated outreach to these responses to your first campaign.

In SalesNexus you can automate all of the above.

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If you are:

  • Sending readers to a landing page to complete a form.
  • Redirecting readers to your site to read a blog
  • Hoping readers will eventually call you
  • Expecting readers to fill out your “contact us” form. Be ready for a very low overall “response” rate.

1 to 2% of recipients will click on the link in the email to go to your site. Only 5 or 10% of those visitors will actually fill out your form or contact you.

So, unless you have a really big list, you’ll only have a couple of leads to follow up on.

That’s why calling “clickers” can be a very effective strategy. 

In other words, you call everyone that clicks on the link in the email, regardless of whether they take further action on your website. 

This strategy can transform the drudgery of cold calling hundreds of contacts into a far more productive “warm calling” program. This is because you already know what’s on their mind. They read your email, responded to the pain, and took the further action of clicking to engage with your content. Especially for a business audience, this is a very strong indication of need or interest.

call us

So, when you call, you don’t have to bother with the normal cold calling script that we’ve all heard too many times. You just get to the point…

“Sally, this is Bob with YourCo, I noticed you took a look at our article on”

This approach works consistently but, only if you call QUICKLY.

Consider the email reading environment that you’re competing in. Your readers are processing through hundreds of emails a day. If you wait even a day or two to call, they may not even remember your email.

However, if you call that same day, they almost always will remember and respond with some feedback. If you call within an hour or two, it will be an extremely “warm” call.

They may still be on your website! They’re certainly still processing what they’ve read or learned.
With SalesNexus, you can make it very easy for salespeople to know instantly when a reader clicks, so they can call them quickly!


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