5 Simple Sales Enablement Steps

by | Jun 21, 2015

Sales Enablement is about many things and the concept can be overwhelming for businesses and sales team. Often, businesses start on a journey of “self 5 Simple Sales Enablement Stepsimprovement” and run out of steam due to the pressures of taking care of business and cause themselves more problems than they solve.

Here’s a simple checklist to follow to enable your sales team:

  1. Identify things tend to stall leads or points in the process where prospects drop out of the funnel. You may know your close rate but, do you know
    how many leads get an initial presentation but, no proposal? Or what happens to all the “conversions” on your website that never get a presentation?
  2. Decide why leads and opportunities are getting stalled at these points. Is the proposal giving them sticker shock? Is your competitor calling them faster when they convert on the website? Do your homework!
  3. Create assets and content to act as the grease on the wheels in your sales process to keep opportunities from stalling. Do
    you need to add an ROI worksheet or calculation to the process before the proposal? Is a side by side comparison with a competitor
    needed for new leads?
  4. Automate getting these assets in front of prospects before the common stall points. Lead nurturing processes and tools can make this easy, without disrupting the rest of the sales process.
  5. Keep it simple! An overriding goal should always be to simplify processes and systems. If it happens 80% of the time, automate
    it. If you’re not sure it’s adding value, take it out.