8 Powerful Ways to be Seductive with Email Marketing

by | Mar 19, 2014

Great email marketing software is just the beginning. If you want to produce sales results, you must develop email campaigns that seduce and engage the recipient.

After all, the buyer may want to become educated and informed…but they don’t want to be given an education. I know, that sounds very conflicted.

Email marketing is best when it is about a conversation with your customers and prospects. As you well know, if you listen very well and speak very little, people will consider you a great conversationalist. Here are 8ways to seduce and get engagement from people on your email list.

1. Know Your Readers – Digital research tools have some value to developing a defined persona of your ideal client. While these tools offer a list of possibilities, the only way to truly define your email recipients is to actually talk to them or bring team members together who talk to the prospects and customers regularly.

2. Understand their Struggles and Frustration – Sneak inside their heads and find out what stresses your prospects and customers. Use the language they use in your email content. Never use industry jargon that places a barrier between their level of industry knowledge and yours.

3. Help them Overcome Doubt – You offer a solution that is valuable to your recipients, but they probably don’t believe it until they actually experience it on their own. Tap into the elation your new clients feel when your solution solves a problem and share that information with prospects. This type of validating testimony can also trigger established customers to remember why they chose your company or service.

4. Let Desire Grow Over Time – Avoid being an authority that knows it all. This attitude is devoid of personality and is hardly seductive. Ditch the distant “pro image”. Get off of any pedestal you built for yourself and reach out to the reader with a message that conveys, “We’ve all been there.” When they feel comforted by your humanness, the prospect will feel attracted to what you offer.

5. Shorten Sentences and Paragraphs – Energy is contagious. Don’t you agree?
Long sentences make it hard for the reader to follow your point. On the other hand, short sentences are dynamic. Because they are abrupt, they wake the readers up with your enthusiasm.
A mixture of long, flowing sentences and short bursts of information makes your writing more alluring.

6. Tell Stories – Personal stories are best. Humorous stories take second place. And when you can tell a personal story that laughs at yourself, your readers will love you more than ever.
Guess what…they already know you are imperfect. When you are willing to put it all out there and reveal your mistakes, weakness and fears, the prospects and clients will trust you more than ever.

7. Bring Unexpected Gifts – Be playful and look for ways to make your reader smile. The relationship you nurture with email marketing will benefit from a virtual box of chocolates with no strings attached. This can come in the form of a cheat sheet or eBook that has serious usefulness and does not require an opt-in.

8. FOCUS – One of the biggest mistakes email marketers make is talking about more than one topic in a single content piece. Sure, this article covers a lot of topics…but the singular focus is to list ways to be seductive in your email campaigns. (BTW: Readers love lists.)

Avoid rambling. If you catch yourself moving to a separate idea, make a note to cover that idea in a separate content piece. Nothing is more boring than trying to follow a story that goes in multiple directions.


Use these powerful seductive writing methods and have your recipients begging for more.