Manage Accounting Information in CRM Software

by | May 22, 2017

If you’re using custom or uncommon Accounting Software, having access to Accounting Information in CRM software can be difficult.

Giving sales and customer service staff access to credit limits, credit balance, YTD sales and other information typically only available in your accounting system provides a better customer experience and reduces errors, canceled orders and wasted time.

Out of the box integrations between accounting software and crm software may not be available and the cost of custom software development to integrate your accounting systems with CRM solutions can be extreme.

SalesNexus provides a simple method to export excel files from your Accounting Software and update customer records in the CRM software so that customer facing staff have immediate access to information to help customers place orders and manage their account.

Problems Associated with Lack of Accounting Information in CRM Software

  • Taking orders that are later put on hold due to high credit balance.
  • Costly collections operations.
  • Inability to respond to customer inquiries about account status without checking with Accounting department.
  • Inability to easily target customers that have previously placed large orders or who’s orders have declined.