Animated GIFs and email marketing

by | Jan 24, 2014

Spice Up Your Email Marketing!

With an animated GIF you can really extend the capabilities of your emails.  Follow along in this video as Austin shows you how to create an animated GIF for your email campaigns without access to Photoshop. Also, check out our other videos in our prerecorded webinar series to learn more about creating effective sales lead generation strategies.


Hey it’s Austin from SalesNexus, and today I want to talk to you about animated GIFs, and how you can use them in your email campaigns.  As a marketing manager I know that creating great emails can be tricky, but with an animated GIF you can extend the capabilities of your emails….

… an animated GIF can be pretty powerful. It can help you show more products above the fold, and it can also draw attention to certain parts of your email.  So let’s go ahead and learn how to make one.

Unless you have a creative team at your disposal you might not have tools such as Photoshop at your disposal.  If that’s the case you can use a website called  What it does is create a simple animated GIF for you that you can use in anything you want, but we are going to use it in our email marketing.

What you do is push upload, and select your images. Once you do that it will drop them in and automatically convert them into a GIF.  You have tools at your disposal such as height and width edits as well as the animation speed.  Once your happy with the GIF you press “Create”, and download it.  Once your done with that you move over to your email client such as SalesNexus, upload the GIF file, and place it in your email.  I pre-sized my GIF, but you may have to adjust it to fit in your email correctly.  Once your done you click save and send it out.

Final Thoughts:

One thing to keep in mind is that animated GIFs are not supported on Outlook 2007 & 2010, so if you have a list of people that use this as the dominant email client then you may want to avoid using animated GIFs as they will only show the first image.

For more uses of animated GIFs check out this article on creating effective emails with animated GIFs.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips.