Why you Must Automate Lost Client Processes

by | Jul 3, 2018

Automate Lost Client – When a client leaves, it may be disheartening in the moment, but there is no reason to believe they will not be back ever. If you’ve noticed that a regular customer has stopped ordering, says they are ordering from your competitor, or has canceled a subscription, now is the time to begin a process automation for your lost clients. Once these processes are in place, they quietly maintain your client relationship so that they are drawn back to your company’s products over time.

Automate Lost Client

Lost Client Emails: Reeling Them Back In

We’re Sorry to See You Go

This email is focused on expressing appreciation for past purchases and possibly offering an exit survey that finds out why the client is no longer interested. These emails should maximize gratitude and minimize selling since they are the first post-cancellation impression for your lost client. These emails help a customer think of you positively and prepare them to hear from you in the future.

Comparison Information with Competitors

 This email, sent via process automation later, reminds your client of your competitive advantage. Phrased in a way that highlights the useful information about your product’s strengths, it helps the client realize that they’ve lost an important edge by switching or canceling.

Cost Advantages Information

Even the higher-end product in a particular market has a cost advantage in some way: if your product lasts longer than your competitors, price out the cost advantage of using a longer-lasting product! This email should remind the client of how, for the units of value they receive, your product is the best deal in the business.

Highlight Your Stellar Customer Service

This email is tied into the reasons why people develop brand loyalty; share your customer service successes with your lost clients. This can include testimonials, novel methods for reaching customer service, and call-to-actions that encourage them to speak with a representative or use online chat to ask questions about new product updates.

New Product Emails

If you release a new product or service, or even add a feature to an older one, a new product email should automatically be dispatched to your lost clients. After all, the reason they left might have had to do with not having that exact product or service, or the new feature could be the deciding factor between your competitor and your company.

Special “Come Back to Us” Offer

 One incredibly effective email is the offering of a discount in an email that is tailored to previously loyal customers. Some services and products work well with a subscription discount or a discount over time, such as a certain percentage off the next 5 shipments. Others benefit from a larger one-time come-back offer, since just switching back may get them back in the routine.

Follow-Up on Sales

When a lost client returns, even with only one purchase, send a follow-up email automatically that checks in and is addressed specifically to a returning lost client. This will feel personal and leave a positive impression, possibly being the difference between a one-time returning purchase and the regaining of loyalty. The sales team can follow up with anyone who offers feedback to this email campaign.

All of these messages, and others that are specific to your industry, are helpful in drawing back lost clients. It is wasteful to give up on lost clients because of a subscription cancellation or a lull in purchases. Instead, reinforce the relationships with some process automation emails sent at strategic intervals. Rather than simply relying on new leads, these previously loyal customers have the potential to offer an excellent ROI on your automation time and effort.