Use Blog Content to Charge Your Sales Process

by | Sep 11, 2018

Blog Content

Blog Content – Sometimes salespeople are confused to spend their times working on blogging rather than cold calling leads or emailing old accounts. In fact, blogging could be the key to rekindling those relationships by using new, interesting content. Additionally, blogs are a source of incoming traffic that could generate the next sale you were not even considering. That traffic comes via SEO and organic interest in the topic. In all, there are many reasons for companies to engage in persistent, innovative blogging over time.

Creating Valuable Assets

The marketing team and sales team must work together to create the blog topics and content. These have to be applied on a regular basis and by creative writers. They require expertise and deep research. Potential areas of interest include:

  • Competitive comparisons
  • The lifetime cost of ownership comparisons
  • Model comparisons
  • Service Level comparisons

These type of topics are actually top of mind for the client. When they see this type of content, their interest is stoked and they invest the time and energy to learn about the content that was created. At the very minimum, it will help them understand how to operate their business better by using products or services better. Ideally, it will create a value proposition for the salesperson to discuss.

Once the value proposition is established, it is much easier to pursue and close the sale. Salespeople can engage in much more wide-ranging conversations. For that reason, the team has to create as valuable content as possible.

Conversation Starters

Dead leads or clients that didn’t renew might not want to hear from a salesperson. They have moved on or are concentrating on something else. However, a blog might actually be just the kind of conversation starter that can rekindle interest and lead to a sale.

For example, imagine a salesperson calls on an old lead. The first thing they Blog content in your Sales Processmight say is, “We did an in-depth study of all the products on the market, would you like to take a look?” Rather than asking for something, the salesperson is offering something. That is much more likely to create a long conversation. The client will be interested to understand the pros and cons of all the offerings, without doing the work themselves. For that reason, they will address the salesperson and come back into active conversation with them.

New Leads

Last but not least, valuable blogs have a habit of creating brand new customers from thin air. As these blog topics circulate online, interested potential clients find them in their search queries. That leads them to make an inquiry in the contact form on the site. Soon enough, a salesperson is in contact with the lead and closing the sale.

From this perspective, creating a blog is extremely cost effective because it can produce unlimited leads over time. The cost of the lead is the time and effort of the salesperson or contributor to the blog.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to creating organic new leads, blogging is great to increase SEO results. The search algorithms prize consistent, original content. Additionally, they are very receptive to links from other sites pointing to your site.

A new, unique blog will generate a lot of links from other authors or people online. Whether the links are from other blogs, traditional sites, Twitter, Facebook or another platform, the links will increase your page’s search rankings. Blog content helps the entire site do well and get organic traffic for purchases.

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