Is your business ready for a contact software solution?

by | Dec 15, 2010

Is your business ready for a contact software solution?

You may believe that you already have contact software working for you.  Do your sales people use Outlook to store customer and prospect information? Or, maybe some sales people use Outlook, some use their iPhones or other smartphones and then you have all paying customers in your accounting system.  If that’s close to reality for your business, then you may have contact software but, you don’t have a solution.

What are the Challenges of Contact Software Solution?

To really solve important challenges for your business, your contact software has to be centralized so that there is one comprehensive system with all prospect and customer info available quickly. Sure, when the big event of the year comes around, if you get started early enough, you can badger the sales team to send you excel files with their contacts and then have your administrative assistant merge those files with an export of customers from your accounting software and then manually remove duplicates.

All of that’s required just to be able to send invitations to your booth at the event. But, the amount of effort involved dictates that you won’t be doing that more often during the year.  And what happens when a valuable new prospect calls to discuss a proposal but, their sales person is traveling?  Without centralized contact software, no one in the main office will have the information needed to help that prospect.

Contact Software Solutions -Part 2

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