The Times They Are Changing – Online Habits and Online Marketing

by | Nov 7, 2009

I thought I would share an article I noticed by Ann Handley, on American Express’ Open website – “Digital Marketing Facts – What’s Working?”.

The article compares where we spend out time online in 2009 vs. 2004. In just 5 years, things have changed in more than you might think!

There’s much more data in the article so, definitely go take a look at it here.

What I found most interesting is that the article points out that we’re spending 15% less time online for the purpose of communication. …And now they’re spending almost that amount more time online in “community” activities.


So, in reality, “community” is all about “communication” but, its very interesting that people’s perception of why they’re online has changed in that subtle way.


I think it helps to explain why we’re seeing broadcast TV and print media suffer such declines.


Read the article, there’s a lot there for marketers, small business owners and sales people!