How to Coach Your Sales Leads and Win the Sales Game

by | Jul 30, 2014

Coach Sales Leads -Behind every great athlete is a great coach. Imagine your sales leads as a team and your company as their coach.

To begin, you want to get the leads ready for each game both mentally and physically. When they win, you win too.

How to Coach Your Sales Leads and Win the Sales Game

Your business wants to hold onto business so any lost client is bad for sales.

Being fully invested in your client’s success is the key to a great sales relationship. Help the sales lead see you don’t want to make the sale just because it makes you money – you want to make the sale because your product/service takes your client to new levels of success.

Preparation and Perseverance

For you and your star athletes to succeed, you need to prepare. Think of your email campaigns as training sessions for your sales leads. You want to give them everything you can to set them up for success.

  •  Visualize the outcome of each email. Think beyond simple metrics like opens and click through rates. Always ask yourself: Does this email provide value?
  • Use workflows in your CRM software to plan your training sessions. The first emails cover the fundamentals. Think like your sales lead. Don’t assume they know much about your niche. Educate them on the basics of what your business offers.
  • Discover the problem of each sales lead. A great coach diagnoses weaknesses and turns them into strengths. Ask probing questions to better understand what they need and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Perseverance goes hand in hand with preparation. Let your sales lead know there is no reason to feel overwhelmed by the problems they face. Encourage them with a positive attitude. Let them know you have been there before and know their pain.
  • Show you have a proven track record of success through customer testimonials. Tell a personal story of how you helped someone overcome a similar problem. This shows you are invested in their success and builds trust.

The Coaching Role of CRM Software

Every great coach keeps notes to track the progress of their players. Think of your CRM software as your digital notebook.

With the CRM dashboard you can keep track of the success of your training sessions by analyzing the metrics you set up. Make note of every single contact you have with your sales leads.

Analyze this data to see where you can improve your efforts.

A good strategy is to segment your list into smaller lists based on where each lead is in the sales process.

Think of this as the different levels of talent on a sports team. Some players need minimal coaching while others need a lot more. Once you get a feel for which segment of sales leads need more coaching place them on to a separate list.

Offer access to free webinars or a free e-book. Give them information to ease their buyer doubts.

The sales leads who need minimal coaching are ready for the big game. Schedule them for a sales call and give them the information they need to make a purchase.

Great coaches only succeed when their players succeed. Keep this philosophy for your business and see your profits soar.