“Contact Management Ain’t Easy, Its Essential”

by | Feb 21, 2008

Contact Management Essential  – This quote from a long time friend and marketing guru, Bobby Michaels.

Bobby had just read “ACT and Outlook are Holding You Back” and I guess it got his motor running!  He was on fire!

Bobby made some excellent points, harkening back to years ago when we worked together in previous lives.

So many businesses are not taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that abound, both old and new, for one reason:

They don’t have a good list of prospects and/or customers to market to…

Accounting has one list, each sales rep has another, marketing has others, they all overlap and most importantly, they’re all in different places, in different formats (sometimes not even electronic).

So, is a good contact management system the only thing keeping you from exploiting direct mail, email marketing, newsletters and even good old fashioned calling campaigns?

Shame, shame, shame!

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