How to Use Magic 5 Content Based Email Marketing to Increase Sales Results

by | Jan 5, 2013

Developing trust-based relationships with your prospects is a highly effective way to increase sales. You may be skeptical about how an email strategy can deliver sales. These are the reasons you may doubt the effectiveness:

  • Your own inbox is overflowing…so you can’t understand how more email could increase sales.
  • You don’t know where to start creating content for emails.
  • Your CRM is not seamlessly integrated with an email program that makes the process easy.

You are not alone in your skepticism. Your buyers are also leery about what you offer. Since buyers buy when THEY are ready…not when you are ready to sell…it is critical that you develop a system for overcoming their distrust.

Begin Your Email Content Here

Most email sent to prospects try to entice the buyers by screaming “buy my stuff – here are the reasons you should buy my stuff – and oh by the way – you should buy my stuff.” If your emails to prospective customers tout the features and benefits of your product or service, the reader will consider your email ‘junk’ and will block you from sending more. OUCH…that bites doesn’t it?

Instead, approach your email campaign more as an engineer than a sales machine. Learn where your prospects are in the sales process and meet them there. Design a follow-up program that guides them through the process while they begin to feel trust. You want to keep the sales process moving without doing any selling. Take part in a free webinar series starting with “The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing that Drives Sales.”

The Magic 5 of Content based Email Marketing

Start with these three sets of five emails. They should be easy to identify and create.
Register here and bookmark the page – we’ll post the video here after the webinar.

5 PAINS: What are the most common pains your service addresses? When you work with your ideal client, what problems do you solve? You want to look beyond the technical pain of what needs fixing to the business pain that causes them economic loss. The most effective way to develop trust is to dig deep into discovering the REAL pain…what causes them to lose sleep?

5 QUALIFYING QUESTIONS: How do you know when they’re ready to buy? Can you quantify what sort of clients brings you a higher average sale? Don’t spend much time on demographics. Instead, focus on identifying the decision maker and budget. You can easily determine your qualifying questions by tracking the data on your CRM.

5 FAQs: What questions are most commonly asked by those who are interested in what you offer? Do they ask about the set up process or delivery time? When they are ready to buy, do they want to know the difficulty of set up or installation? Do they inquire about your customer service option or refund policy?

It really is easy to start developing relationships with your prospective customers when you use a CRM solution to manage the sales process and gather data. When your email program is integrated into the CRM, it is even easier. Check out what is possible by attending a series of Live Business Growth Webinars at no cost to you.
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