Creating Your First Email Campaign In SalesNexus

by | Apr 17, 2014

Getting started with any new system for email marketing can be difficult.  There are a lot of moving parts. That is why we put together this 3 part video series for you.



In the first video I will walk you through setting up a workflow for your campaigns.  Your workflow can be thought of as a battle plan for your campaigns.  They give structure to what you plan to do.


Now that we have a battle plan let’s put it into action.  Creating a campaign is the second step in getting your sweet email campaign out the door.


Finally, we need to add people to the campaign.  With SalesNexus we can grab a specific group of people to add to our campaign.  We can learn how to do this in the following video on campaign lookups.

I hope this video series is informative for all users. If you have questions feel free to comment below, and we would be happy to help answer any questions about campaigns. Also, if you have something else in SalesNexus that you are struggling in let us know. We can make another video series on that in the future.